Perception and RObotics (PRO) Group – Welcome to the Perception and RObotics (PRO) Group

Perception and RObotics (PRO) Group focuses on enabling robots and autonomous systems to understand real-world complex environments and achieve persistent autonomy in them. Our research areas include robotic vision, simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM), robot learning, computer vision and machine (deep) learning.

Latest News

09/2018 Sen will serve as an Associate Editor for ICRA 2019.
05/2018 Sen will give a keynote talk at BMVA Symposium on Reinforcement Learning in Computer Vision.
04/2018 One Paper accepted at IJCAI.
03/2018 Dr. Tomasz Luczynski joined PRO Group as a Postdoc. Welcome Tomasz!
01/2018 Three papers accepted at ICRA.
10/2017 One paper accepted at International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR).
09/2017 Our £36M ORCA Hub awarded for EPSRC UK Robotics and AI Hubs.
09/2017 One paper accepted at ICCV Workshop on 3D Reconstruction Meets Semantics.
07/2017 One paper accepted at IROS 2017.

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